Wedding in Italy is all about medieval castles, Renaissance villas, Venetian palaces, elegant restaurants, parks drowning in trees and flowers, picturesque lakes and magnificent beaches. We only cooperate with reliable and trusted contractors and guarantee the quality of the services provided. For us, wedding in Italy is an art, and every wedding should be unique, special and, of course, exciting! Each project is the combination of your dreams and imagination and our extensive experience and professionalism! We always take into account that every wedding is an event that is very personal, each couple having its own story, so we make your celebration as personalized as possible. Wedding in Italy is a formal or a symbolic ceremony or a wedding service. Bella Vita Wedding & Event Planner will help you prepare the necessary package of marriage documents in the municipality and church. And, of course, we take full responsibility for organization and setting of your wedding day! If you wish, we can design any wedding script for you and provide the following services.

Selection of a wedding venue in Italy

Bella Vita wedding agency will help you pick your custom wedding venue: it can be an antique castle, a luxurious villa, a blooming park, an elegant hotel, a seaside, a Venetian ship, municipality, and so on.

Catering and restaurants

The most professional catering companies will provide you with a great service and serve delicious Italian dishes for you. Haute cuisine restaurants will be happy to serve both banquets with a large number of guests and small festive events.

Decoration and design

Bella Vita wedding agency offers various kinds of decorations for the celebration ceremony, and the most experienced designers will offer the best ideas for your celebration.

Flower design and bouquets

Flowers are one of the most important elements of the wedding, they decorate your celebration and will accompany you throughout the event (flower compositions, arches, bouquet of the bride and boutonnière of the groom).

Transport (cars, boats, carriages)

Travelling to the wedding venue or organizing a holiday motorcade? It all will be easy for us to arrange within frames of your celebration. Maybe you’d like a yacht, a ship or a gondola for a wedding ceremony? For Bella Vita everything is possible!

Interpreter, coordinator, presenter

The wedding coordinator will take care of your wedding day. The interpreter and presenter will be picked up specifically for you, and they will comply as much as possible to your requests and wishes.

Photo and video

It is so important to have not just an experienced photographer at the wedding, but also the photographer who understands you and your wishes, Bella Vita wedding agency will offer you the best photographers to capture the most memorable moments of your life.  And an experienced video cameraman will supplement the collection of your memories.

Musicians and DJs

Music is an integral part of the wedding, it creates the mood, gives the rhythm and image to the wedding. Properly chosen music is one of the important ingredients of the successful event.

Fireworks and shows

Illumination show, fireworks, theatrical and entertainment performances, performers of all styles, musicians, singers, and DJs will make your holiday joyful, bright and interesting.

Hairdressers and makeup artists

We are happy to offer you any services to organize your wedding in Italy: wedding haircuts, manicure and pedicure, cosmetic and spa procedures.

Wedding dresses

The wedding dress of your dream is the most important element of the Day. Bella Vita wedding agency will help find not only a dress for the bride, but also a suit for the groom, as well as holiday clothes for the guests. Maybe you’d like a dress from famous designers or maybe a unique dress made for you. We’ll help you with that.

Assistance with legal documents

You need a wedding document or a civil ceremony document but don’t know where to start? We’ll assist and help you with that.