Popular ceremonies

Wedding in Venice

Venice is the best place for a romantic wedding. The ceremony held in the city of love will be the next fabulous story in the book of life for the two of you! Wonderful Venice is a favored place to hold a wedding ceremony. One of the most romantic cities in the world once and forever conquered the hearts of lovers from all over the world. Millions of lovers from far and wide come to Venice to give each other vows of love and loyalty. It seems as if Venice emerged from the water: the city rests upon 118 Islands connected by 400 bridges. It is a city berhymed by poets, artists and musicians: Brodsky, Stravinsky, Diaghilev, Hemingway, Casanova were inspired by Venice. It looks like it was painted by Canaletto: great palazzos along the picturesque Grand Canal, numerous luxurious hotels, magnificent cathedrals, fascinating churches, peal of bells, quiet play of the waves, softly drifting gondolas artfully sailed by gondoliers. All of these decorations create a unique atmosphere of celebration.

Wedding in Verona

Why will your wedding in Verona be so unique, and be remembered for the rest of your life? Lovers from all around the world aspire to the city where they eternalize their vows of love and fidelity. Verona is the city chosen by famous Shakespeare as the scenery for his renowned tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Wedding in Verona is a choice of true romantics, besides, the price for organizing the wedding is lower than in other Italian cities. In Verona, in addition to the official text, newlyweds can provide their own text to be read at the wedding ceremony. Millions of lovers visit Verona each year to see the famous Juliet’s House at Via Capello, 23. Verona’s second name is Piccola Roma (little Rome) and Arena di Verona proves its being the second biggest and most important Roman amphitheater after the Colosseum in Italy. Besides, the city preserves its image of the 13-14th centuries with the ducal palaces and ancient frescoes, magnificent cathedrals and the mystic Castelvecchio castle. Verona arcade is a street leading from the Arena to Juliet’s House along the showcase of the most famous brands. In the city you will enjoy unique Valpolicella and Amarone wines, the claim to fame of this province, and you’ll taste risotto cooked in red wine or stewed donkey meat, a local speciality. Wedding in Verona is a lifelong memory!

Wedding in Treviso (castles, villas)

A wedding in an old Italian castle or a luxurious villa is very romantic and elegant! Such a management will give you an opportunity not only to spend your wedding day in a wonderful environment but together with your friends and family spend joint leisure and enjoy fellowship. Imagine a beautiful wedding ceremony in a green blooming park area near a villa or a castle and a nice outdoor dinner on the terrace overlooking green hills or vineyards. The beautiful decorations will give room for festive entertainment and memorable pictures, and the spirit and entourage of the history and the epochs of the old castles and villas will carry you away to a fairy tale. You can set a special theme for your celebration and create unique decorations for your wedding. After the feast you and your guests are in no hurry as you have a wonderful opportunity to stay in the comfortable rooms of a villa or a castle! The next day the fun continues with fresh Italian pastries and excellent coffee with your loved ones, and you’ll share your feelings and emotions of the wedding evening and revive yourself with good mood for the rest of the day. Italy offers a variety of leisure opportunities for everyone: wine tasting, local sightseeing or shopping tour. You and your guests will enjoy every moment of your stay in Italy with Bella Vita wedding agency taking care of everything. A wedding in a castle or a villa in Italy is a fairy tale that can easily come true!

Wedding on Lake Garda

Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, is just half an hour drive from Verona. It’s the only lake in the country with Mediterranean climate, palm trees, cypresses, oleanders, magnolias, olive groves, and lemon gardens. Imagine for a moment what amazing natural decorations it offers you on your wedding day! Great European writers and artists enjoyed visiting this marvellous place. Prominent figures such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, James Joyce visited Lake Garda. David Herbert Lawrence wrote in his memoirs about Lake Garda being as “beautiful as the origin of creation”. What makes Sirmione city so exciting is that it is located on the 4 km peninsula. The medieval castle opens the gates to the tiny historical center of the city dressed in trees and full of flowers. Nearby is the monumental Grotte di Catullo villa of the Roman era built before Christ and surrounded by the glorious age-old grove of olive trees. You can visit the thermal centre of Sirmione, because Lake Garda is also a lake of beauty and health with a hot spring of thermal water coming out of the lake. Sirmione is a truly memorable and exquisite venue for a wedding and a great place to have a photoshoot of your dream!

Wedding on the beach

If you want to forget everything and run away from the world, we offer you a wedding ceremony on the Adriatic coast. Recently it has become increasingly popular among newlyweds to have unusual weddings, more precisely, ceremonies in unusual places. Such ceremony is beyond tradition and rules and has a special scenario. Transparent water, radiant sun, rustling waves, light breeze … In the midst of all this beauty, you and your second halfenter a new life phase. It’s just heaven on earth. Water symbolizes the unity of the couple, as well as of their cultures, customs and traditions. A beach wedding is the perfect way to hold a beautiful ceremony at a reasonable price. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to envelop the wedding day with the incredible romance and beauty of the Mediterranean nature and sea breeze!

Thematic weddings

A wedding is a celebration of two lovers that is to be remembered forever. This day needs to be unique, romantic, unlike other ceremonies, and surprise your loved ones. Since her childhood every girl knows exactly what kind of wedding she would like to have, what dress she’d wear and even how her guests would be dressed. Today, weddings have become an industry like fashion and beauty. A large number of wedding agencies, directors, and design studios offer various wedding scenarios. Let us offer you a few possible thematic scenarios, such as wedding in the most romantic city on Earth, the capital of the great maritime power, Venice. Bella Vita Wedding and Event Planner can offer several possible wedding scenarios for ceremony on the water which is possible in Venice only. If you dream of spending time just with each other, to forget everything in the world and travel back in time to the medieval Venice, then the wedding on the royal gondola, used only for special occasions such as filming, holding particularly important ceremonies or thematic weddings, is ideal for you. You can rent historical ware if you wish. If you’re a fan of adventure novels, if you’re full of adventurism and want to surprise your guests, we offer you a pirate party at the Venice Galleon for a lot of guests. If you have your own ideas and desires, we can write a custom scenario just for you and make your wedding special and unique!

Wedding in Sicily

Tradition and modernity, from these two simple words comes the idea of creating something unique. Set in the colorful Mediterranean maquis rises Mira, a location with modern tones, created by the passion and study of a Sicilian heart that loves both innovation and tradition, characteristics that have made this structure unique.